EIU History Club Film Night #3

The EIU History Club recently hosted its third film night of the year. Professor David Smith discussed the 1991 film Black Robe with his students and members of the History Club before and after a screening of the film.

Students and Professor Smith enjoy some pizza before the film

Students and Professor Smith enjoy some pizza before the film

Professor Smith gives some background to the film.

Professor Smith gives some background to the film.

History Club film nights aim to foster greater student-faculty interaction and to allow members of the faculty to share their favorite historical films with students in an informal, yet educational, setting. Professor Brian Mann started off the History Club film series last semester with a screening and discussion of the 2012 film Argo, and Professor Michael Shirley led off this semester with a screening and discussion of the 1999 film Topsy-Turvy. The EIU History Club will host two more film nights this semester. Please stay tuned for information on future screenings and discussions.


2014 History Careers Day

Sponsored by the EIU Department of History, this year’s History Careers Day is Friday, February 21, in Room 4400 of Booth Library. Please visit  http://www.eiu.edu/history/historycareersday.php to register.

career day poster

2014 History Careers Day Schedule

10:00-10:50: Apply Yourself!: Grants, Internships, and Graduate School
Wanting to spend the summer gaining professional experience? Hoping to do research but needing support to do it? Thinking of applying to graduate school but don’t know where to start? Dr. Ed Wehrle, Dr. Charlie Foy, Stephanie Templin, and Amy Wywialowski will share their experience and advice.

11:00-11:50: The Work of History: Faculty Discuss Their Research
Professors Hubbard, Laughlin-Schultz, Patterson, and Rymsza-Pawlowska will talk about what it’s like to be a professional researcher:  traveling to archives, discovering evidence, and writing history.

12:00-12:50: Lunch and Keynote: “How School Boards Keep the Public in Public Schools”
Dr. Patrick Rice, EIU history alumnus and Field Services Director for the Illinois Association of School Boards, will discuss his new book Vanishing School Boards: Where School Boards Have Gone, Why We Need Them, and How We Can Bring Them Back.

1:00-2:30: History Alumni Panel: From Major to the Career
EIU alumni will discuss how they have used their training as history majors in their careers, while Bobbi Kingery (Career Services, EIU) will discuss how you can put your skills to work on the job market.

History Club Minutes 1/21

Hey everyone! I hope you all enjoyed the nice long break.  Here are the minutes from our meeting on 1/21:

-This Thursday, January 30th at 5:30 Dr. Michael Shirley will be discussing and showing the movie “Topsy Turvy.” There will be pizza! Keep an eye out on the Facebook page and the club board for the room number.

-February 14th is one of the last days to register for FREE for the Illinois Symposium that will be held on campus March 27th and 28th. Attached is the registration form that has to be mailed in. Keep in mind you do not have to put a stamp on mail send from a campus building to another building on campus. 

-Professor Mann will be a part of Wednesday discussions and presentations in the “Muslim Journeys” series. The link to the events is:http://www.library.eiu.edu/exhibits/muslimjourneys/events.html

-Amy Wywialowski currently has her project of the Charleston Riot is on display on the bottom floor of Booth Library for anyone that missed the opening night.

-The weekend of March 22nd is the date of our semester trip. So far the suggestions received are: St. Charles, Missouri; St. Louis, Cantigny in Wheaton, IL; Connor Prairie in Indiana; Cahokia, IL; and Springfield, IL. If there are any preferences or suggestions please reply to this email or speak up at the next meeting. 

-March 29th will be the Charleston Riot reenactment on the square.

-Our trivia night has been moved to April 3rd at 6 p.m. Each participant will pay a $5 entry fee. Teams will be 4 or 5 people, with no more than three professors per team (hint, hint!) More information to follow, but keep it on your calendars! 

-Keep in mind dues will have to be paid before the trip in March. New members must pay $10 and returning members $5. 

-Our next meeting will be February 4th at 6 p.m.


Minutes (10/22)

Here are the minutes from our 10/22 meeting:

~Dues are still being taken.  Please contact Alex about them.
~November 16th we will be having our field trip to Cantigny in Wheaton, IL. It takes about 3 hours to get there from Charleston. It would cost about $5 to park there, but it is otherwise free. We will be talking more about this event at our next meeting, ie. time, rides, etc.
~Game night is a week from today (10/29) at 6pm in our usually meeting room, Coleman 2761. Feel free to bring any games that you would like to play. We currently have Risk, Settlers of Catan, Axis v. Allies, Apples to Apples, and Catchphrase.
~We are accepting donations for the March of Dimes fund in honor of Professor Mann’s late wife. March of Dimes was an organization that was very important to Mrs. Mann. Please contact Alex if you would like to help us with our donation.
~The movie night for Argo does not have a set date yet, but I’ll be sending out an email with more details as soon as I can.
~Trivia Night is scheduled for sometime in January. We will be setting up a committee help plan for this event, so contact Amy, Emily or I if you are interested in helping with planning/promotions.
~We are looking into seeing the movie “12 Years a Slave” as a group sometime near the end of the semester, so be looking for an email about details in the coming weeks.


3rd Club Meeting Minutes, 9/24/13

Hello everyone! Here are the minutes from our meeting on the 24th:

~Our Game Night with faculty from the History department will take place next Tuesday, October 8th at 6pm in place of our normal meeting. Amy and Emily are looking into reserving space in Pemberton Hall for the event, since we can all in bring our own food then. I will be sending out an update on the exact location and other details as soon as possible.

~Thursday, October 17th at 6pm we will be having our first movie night of the year. We will be watching the film Argo with commentary from Professor Mann. We will most likely be in the auditorium on the first floor of Coleman.

~If you have any recommendations for future movie night films, we are looking at titles specifically about the Middle Ages/Vikings or Asia history. Dr. Young and Dr. Lee have both shown interest in helping to present, so these are their areas of expertise. Please send any recommendations to Amy, Emily or I.

~Our Trivia Night will be taking place in January 2014. This seems really far away, but since we are looking into sponsorships this event will take a fair amount of planning. We are looking at being co-funded by the Student Government, which is great, but we would also like the community to get involved. We need help with planning this event, so if you are interested in assisting us with promotionals, obtaining food, asking local businesses about prizes and other issues with sponsorship please contact Amy, Emily or I as soon as possible.

~We will not be visiting Cantigny Park as a field trip in the immediate future, but we will discuss possible trips to this site at our next meeting.

~The dues are $10 for this semester, and just a reminder than these are due to Alex as soon as possible.

~The t-shirts for the semester are $15. The design on the back can be found on our History Club board in Coleman or on our Facebook page.

2nd Club Meeting Minutes, 9/10/13

Here are the minutes from our meeting on 9/10:

~We plan on having a movie night sometime soon, so send any historical movie recommendations to either Amy, Emily or I.

~There is a volunteer opportunity open at Lincoln Log Cabin for their Fall Harvest Festival on Sept. 28-29th. Next meeting we will be seeing who is available to help out and setting up carpool information.

~Dues for this semester are $10. Please give them to Alex as soon as possible.

~Next meeting we will be working out our t-shirt information. They will be $13 and the Facebook statuses on the back of the shirt are posted on the History Club Board in Coleman.

~This Friday there is a field trip to the New Harmony State Historic Site sponsored by the Student Success Center. What we will do:
We will tour the town of New Harmony, see historic buildings, learn about recent projects and see a building that has been renovated (scheduled to be re-opened this fall). EIU Alumnus, Amanda Bryden, State Historic Sites Collection Manager (along with other staff), will speak about the various positions required to support the museum, historic town, library, etc.
What’s in it for you…
Gain insight into education needed, typical career paths, skills required, etc.
Get real-world advice from professionals in the field.
Obtain first-hand, knowledgeable answers to your specific questions.
Learn more about this exciting event and RSVP here: http://www.eiu.edu/careers/history.php
Have questions? Contact Bobbi Kingery: rkingery@eiu.edu
The SSC is offering the field trip for free to Panther Plus Recruiting members ($40 for non-members) and it is a great opportunity to see what jobs options there are for history majors!

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, September 24th at 6pm in Coleman 2761.